About Smokin-AJ's


In latter part of 2005, I bought my first commercial type smoker.. The Lang 60 Deluxe Smoker from Ben Lang himself. The thought behind this purchase was I could use it sell rib and chicken sandwiches on Saturdays to the good folks of Augusta GA. That 1st Saturday morning came, and I headed out to the "corner" and setup everything... Man that first weekend was great.. People saw the smoke from the cooker and the next thing I knew, I had people standing in line for a rib and chicken sandwich. From that moment on, Smokin-AJ's was born . People would be looking for the smoke each Saturday, rain or shine, they wanted some ribs and chicken. Seems like a year had gone by and that one Saturday morning came where I pulled up and my corner lot was no more.. Basically, I had to find another place to setup. It was tough because the location I had was a corner lot at an intersection. People could whip in and out of their cars very easily. I just could not find anything better at the time. I tried to work with some other lot owners but it just got to be too much at the time.

I knew that I wanted to keep my smoker if nothing else. I always had a passion to cook BBQ. One day, I was watching the food network channel and I saw this show on the Versus channel..."The BBQ Championship" and I thought to myself, I could see myself doing that one day.. Well to keep a long story short, I found a local competition close to my mom's house in Perry GA and I entered it. I did not know anything about cooking BBQ professionally but I knew that I could cook ribs, chicken, and pork the way my uncles taught me. At the time, I had my brother-in-law and cousin help me with this first competition. We had a blast and met some great people that day. I ended up with my very first trophy, 2nd place in pulled pork.....

Since that time, the Smokin-AJ's BBQ competition team has relocated back to the Middle Georgia area where I have had great success in the local bbq contests throughout the area.

                  The SMOKIN-AJ's BBQ COMPETITION TEAM.